Keeping the Vibe Alive...
Keeping the Vibe Alive...
Keeping the Vibe Alive... All That Jazz and More. KSTARRS Internet Radio Services
Keeping the Vibe Alive...All That Jazz and More.    KSTARRSInternet Radio Services


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Primare I22 Integrated amp, 80/160W with DAC option (Thu, 21 Sep 2017)
Primare I22 Integrated 160W Amp with DAC option. Now at True Audiophile. Primare I22 Integrated 80/160W Amp. 5 user programable analog inputs plus DAC option At True Audiophile Open Box. Only taken out of box to demo once. Ordered for custom.. Price: $1,850.00
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ELAC Element Integrated 80W Amplifier with Built-in Room Correction (Tue, 02 May 2017)
ELAC Element Integrated 80W Amplifier with Built-in Room Correction. True Audiophile. ELAC Element Integrated 80W Amplifier with built-in room correction. EA101EQ-G At True Audiophile This mighty little amp is packed with musical tech we haven't seen in any integrated amp at this price. Its 80W A/B performance however the circuit.. Price: $699.98
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Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper TAS 2017 Award! (Fri, 21 Apr 2017)
Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper Interconnect. Now at True Audiophile. Acoustic Zen Silver Zero Crystal Pure Silver Interconnect. Now at True Audiophile. "The Copper Series interconnect strengths are abundant: superb low bass, a wonderfully immersive character to the soundstage, and excellent depth and dimensionality. O.. Price: $1,488.00
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Stage III Typhon Extreme Resolution Interconnects (Mon, 10 Apr 2017)
Stage III Typhon Extreme Resolution Interconnects Stage III Typhon Extreme Resolution Interconnects  1 Meter/Pair Now at True Audiophile TYPHON interconnects were created to offer reference-level performance in a more accessible price range.. Price: $3,300.00
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<I>Life is Fine</I>: Paul Kelly Goes Electric (Sat, 23 Sep 2017)
An old hand from Down Under returns to rock . . . Sat, 09/23/2017
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KEF Reference 5 loudspeaker (Thu, 21 Sep 2017)
Of all the speakers I have most enjoyed in recent years, two were from British manufacturer KEF: the LS50 Anniversary Model ($1500/pair), which I reviewed in December 2012; and the Blade Two ($25,000/pair), which I reviewed in June 2015. Though these two speakers lie at opposite ends of the price scale, they have in common KEF's unique Uni-Q drive-unit, in which the tweeter is mounted on the front of the midrange unit's pole piece, so that the lower-frequency cone acts as a waveguide for the higher-frequency output. Thu, 09/21/2017
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Rega Research Brio integrated amplifier (Thu, 21 Sep 2017)
"Looking back, my life's passions have mostly been sensual: food, females, fast cars, music, wine, sailing and skiing. My motivations, activities and work have stemmed from the need to fuel these passions rather than enjoyment of the process." Who said this? John Atkinson? Art Dudley? Dr. Dre? Thu, 09/21/2017
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The Audeze LCDi4: Start to Finish (Thu, 21 Sep 2017)
In June, I visited headphone manufacturer Audeze's factory in Southern California (they've since moved) and capture an abridged version of the making of a pair of Audeze LCDi4 in-ear planar magnetic headphones ($2495). In the first part of this video, which is narrated by first Sankar Thiagasamudram, Audeze's founder and CEO, we begin with the making of the LCDi4, followed by the testing, burn-in, and packaging. This is followed by the unboxing and very first listening session, with John Atkinson, Stereophile's editor in chief. Thu, 09/21/2017
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