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True Audiophile: New Products

Jelco TK850S ToneArm New Knife Edge Bearing (Tue, 02 Oct 2018)
Jello NEW TK850S at True Audiophile Jelco TK 850S Tonearm. Better Realism. Tracking. Precision. Now at True Audiophile Being dedicated TurnTable enthusiasts and Precision Alignment Experts we're always looking for arms that look as good as they perform. At a low price for a quality tonearm the new Jelco ar.. Price: $1,149.00
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True Audiophile Commercial (Sat, 15 Sep 2018)
True Audiophile does Commercial Spaces It all started with elated home customers asking us if we could do their business space. Hey, why not as long as we could approach it the same way we do home audio. After half a dozen jobs from breweries, brew pubs, restaurants and Kombucha spots our difference shows. Yes, there.. Price: $0.00
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THIXAR Silence Plus Platform Turntable Isolation. Ultimate. (Thu, 30 Aug 2018)
THIXAR Silence Plus Ultimate Platform Turntable Isolation. True Audiophile. Thixar Silence Plus Turntable Isolation. Hands Down the Ultimate Turntable Isolation Platform. AT True Audiophile. We try to specialize in all things turntables. One the of notions that gets forgotten is how critical the isolation is for the fragile record. No table can .. Price: $2,750.00
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TAOC Audio Large Isolation Platforms from Japan (Thu, 30 Aug 2018)
TAOC Audio Large Isolation Platforms from Japan TAOC Audio Isolation Platform HC65C and HC65W from Japan. A Bargain in Superb Isolation. AT True Audiophile. We're always, always looking for products that are best in class but also best for the budget. While these platforms may look plain we can assure you they work in.. Price: $700.00
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Day 2 at Toronto Audiofest 2018 (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
Vince Scalzitti's Tri-Cell Enterprises had five rooms on Level 4 of the Westin, with lots of product introductions. One that caught my eye was a piece of equipment that looked like it was from an airplane used in WW II. Labeled a "Puristic Audio Apparatus," this was the Thöress F2A11 integrated amp ($11,500, all prices in Canadian dollars unless marked otherwise) and is cradled like a baby by Vince in the photo above. Mon, 10/22/2018
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Debussy As Close as We Can Get (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
I had all but resolved to move on from reviewing recordings honoring the 2018 centenaries of Claude Debussy's death and Leonard Bernstein's birth when word arrived of Warner Classic's 10-CD bargain box, Debussy: Ses Premiers Interprètes / His First Performers. This set's contents are so important that I want to give Debussy lovers a heads-up so that they can either make room for it in their holiday self-gift basket, give friends ample notice for what they'd like to be playing when 2019 rolls around, or start streaming immediately. Mon, 10/22/2018
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Toronto Audiofest Day 1 (Sat, 20 Oct 2018)
Perhaps the most unusual speaker at Toronto Audiofest 2018 was Bryston's whimsically-named T-Rex Model T. It's a stacked pair of Model Ts, the top speaker upside down. I was reminded of the Double Advent system popular in the 1970s, but the T-Rex goes well beyond the Double Advent, with substantial bracing joining the speakers, a layer of rubber between them, and Bryston's DAX-1 digital crossover included. The total price is $18,000/pair (unless otherwise noted, all prices in this report are CN$), which represents something of a bargain for all this hardware. Sat, 10/20/2018
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Toronto Audiofest 2018 Starts Today (Fri, 19 Oct 2018)
Once upon a time—October, 2011, to be exact—there was a show called TAVES (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show). Reading my report on the show, and looking at the photo accompanying the first installment of the report fills me with a certain sadness. The photo shows Suave Kajko, Simon Au, Sarah Tremblay (left above), and Michel Plante (right above), whom I described as "a winning team," and, indeed, that show could not be described as anything but a complete success. For several years, the annual TAVES events were on an upward trajectory. And then something happened. Fri, 10/19/2018
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